Fledgeling Music brings to you interactive musical theatre to your school, nursery, festival or Carnival. The children’s imagination brings the story to life. Each adventure has stunning instruments, curious props, fun puppets and memorable songs.

All of Lorna’s stories are created around songs that encourage movement, action and interaction. All the stories are playful adventures using creative play to help the children really feel and experience the story.

The Hideaway

Come on an adventure to the Village of the Illuminate fairies. Far far far away and high high high in the trees of the Forest of talking animals. The Toad Queen greedily gobbled and gulped their Illuminate magic. Now it is up to Illuminai the smallest fairy and your own little ones to find the Hideaway where the Illuminate magic is kept safe.

The Pirates and the Dream Star Chest

Join us for this adventure on the high seas, help us find the Dream Star Chest that the Pirates snatched. How can we find it with only part of an old, tatty, torn map? How will we cross the silvery sea? Only your little one has the answer. Lots of action, lots of creative play, lots of singing, lots and lots and lots of ‘aaaaarrrrrring’!

The Wild Honey Hive

Baby Bee Beatrice needs your help! She is bold and brave when the wild wind comes and sweeps her and her little bee friends high into the sky and away from The Wild Honey Hive in the meadow. Help them find their way back to The Wild Honey Hive, their mummy Queenie and to safety.

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Lorna created a magical world with which children were taken on a truly glittering fairyland adventure, with music dressup and shadow puppetry, our little cafe came to life with the beautiful energy of childlike imagination, a wonderful workshop. Highly Recommended”

Kirsty & The Flavour Parlour

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