Nursery Fledgelings

Fledgeling Music’s Nursery programme is tailored to meet the differing needs of each individual group, as there is often a mix of ages and abilities, with some children under 3 and others in Foundation stage 1.

The Founder of Fledgeling Music, Lorna Berry has over 20 years experience and has developed a curriculum that is bubbling with fun, joy, laughter and energy. It is a special introduction for little children to feel part of a group, learn social skills and reinforce positive relationships. There is a clear focus in developing children’s musicality through using whole body experiences such as dance and role play, singing together and playing a wide variety of instruments together.

Lorna Berry has created playful and fun techniques to develop and enrich children’s language skills and self expression.

Lorna, with her awe inspiring energy and creativity, has the ability to draw out the unique talents of every child she works with and juggle a huge group of interests all at the same time. Lorna has a deep insight into the core goals of a Children’s Centre and will build these into her planning, activities and groups to marry strategy with coal face delivery, ensuring that outcomes for children and families are at the very heart of her work. Lorna doesn’t just deliver music groups, she’s an early years practitioner of the highest calibre”

Becky Marshall, Corpusty and Holt Sure Start Children’s Centre

Every session is full of excitement and laughter. Lorna uses music and movement to make language learning fun. Each session leaves our children more confident in their speaking and listening.”

Emma Maloney, Nursery Manager, Little Oaks Day Nursery

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