Family Music Groups

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Thursday 9.15-10.15The Belfry Centre for Music & Arts, Overstrand£4 members
£6 non members
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Bubbling with fun and laughter! This groups focus is exploration and playfulness with instruments and voice, developing communication and language skills and supporting children’s growth, confidence & social interaction. Every session is planned to ensure progression of learning.

There is a familiar routine to every session which helps give the children a sense of belonging and encourages them to become more vocal & confident in expressing their ideas.

To make time each week for the past 3 years to sit and sing, bash drums and shake things has been wonderful for both of us. I`ll really miss this time when he goes to school, but I know he`s developed a confidence with music and expression that will help him along the way. Thank you Lorna for making these groups so relaxed and fun we made them a priority.”

Katherine Yarbo

The sessions

At the beginning of every session there is free play time when children can explore a wide variety of exquisite percussion instruments. Lorna brings her flute, violin, clarinet, and other classical instruments to allow the children to explore and play with these stunning instruments and experience how the sounds change and vibrate with their own touch. Each session is filled with well-loved songs and lots of energetic jumping, dancing, and focused play with the instruments – all connected with an exciting theme. At the end of the session, the whole group is involved with an interactive game which allows children to work together and have fun.

Every half term a new theme is introduced, such as ‘colours’, ‘the farm’, ‘at the seaside’ – each of these themes carry a learning focus (such as slow/fast high/low, soft, quiet/loud).

Musical signs

Lorna has developed a unique and simple conducting hand signal style and introduces this to even very young children. This has been created to help children understand basic music theories such as stop start, quiet and getting louder then quieter in a visual and physical way. The children are so quick to pick this up that they soon use it themselves!

My daughter’s face lights up at the mention of “Pug’, now aged seventeen months music sessions have been the undoubted highlight of her week for the last year. Lorna’s style is full of joy and originality and delightful surprises as well as keeping the familiar songs and action rhymes that children love to anticipate. We especially love the colourful hand made props that appear each week from the big box of delights and bring music to life to the eye as well as the ear.”

Melissa Fieldsend-Danks

My young son Harvey and I love going to Fledgeling Music – we get so much out of it! It’s not just singing and making music with other children and parents; Lorna always comes up with fun new themes and captivating props to stimulate our musical senses. We’ve been going since Harvey was a baby and the songs are now part of our daily life and always manage to soothe him. Also, it’s great to see the things we do at the music group filter through into other parts of his development. Music really is essential to growing up and being human.”

Godelieve and Harvey

I have been enjoying music with Lorna for years and it is never short on entertainment! We sing her songs all the time at home. Both my children have gained so much from having Lorna’s music in their lives from babies. They have had all the benefits from learning through fun and music, as well as gaining in confidence and developing their social skills. Both my children were very tentative at first, but Lorna has the gift of being able to draw children in, without pushing. This is the last term for my youngest as she will be moving up to school in September. We will both miss Lorna and her brilliant music classes, but we will keep singing!”

Zoe Law

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