I would like to thank Saffron Paffron for designing and creating ‘The Nest’ she took my idea and literally sewed it into reality, the end result is the stunningly beautiful mini theatre that is not only dreamily floaty but also strong and hardwearing. An incredible feat of textile engineering!

Catherine Wedge Clarke brought her daughter to my music groups and we instantly became good friends, her brilliant business ideas were refreshing and literally shook me up, Catherine’s vision guided and showed me how my music groups could fly and helped me believe it too.

I commissioned Catharine Mackenzie Dodds to take the photo’s for the website and to design and createFledgeling music cards because I was captivated by the warmth, richness and by her unique sensitivity and ability to capture the feel and personality of the subjects with the natural shots. Her enthusiasm for the project was inspiring, and offered design ideas that were invaluable.

The soundtrack for the website has been skilfully crafted by Piers Hunt, who took snippets of sounds from the groups and created fun, happy and jivey compilations. He has an awe inspiring musical talent.

The Pre school Music Association gave me the skills to use and was where I found good friends, Charlotte K Arculus who mentored me and help me find my mojo!

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