The Founder

Lorna, with her awe inspiring energy and creativity, has the ability to draw out the unique talents of every child she works with and juggle a huge group of interests all at the same time. Lorna has a deep insight into the core goals of a Children’s Centre and will build these into her planning, activities and groups to marry strategy with coal face delivery, ensuring that outcomes for children and families are at the very heart of her work. Lorna doesn’t just deliver music groups, she’s an early years practitioner of the highest calibre”

Becky Marshall, Corpusty and Holt Sure Start Children’s Centre

Lorna Berry, the Founder of Fledgeling Music, is an experienced and skilled Early Years Music Educator with over 22 years experience of working with young children.

As a qualified Nursery Nurse she worked in Canada, on returning to Britain she worked with children in Hospital and studied to become a Qualified Hospital Play Specialist.
She was inspired by how children’s quality of life, emotional wellbeing and rehabilitation dramatically improved through play and music.

She specialised in children with head injuries, using play and music to help children relearn skills that had seemingly been lost (such as speech and mobility).
Using this wealth of experience, skill and passion for playfulness, music and dance, Lorna now works with children and their families in rural North Norfolk delivering high quality music and movement classes.


Fledgeling Music’s curriculum uses elements of the ‘Delcroze’ method (a theory and ethos that children learn best by using their whole bodies in movement, repeating what they have learnt with an instrument, then translating the same beat in imaginative dance or drama). Your child is not only learning early musical skills that are appropriate for their age and development, but also life skills such as taking turns, making friends, listening, all valuable skills as they get older and head towards school and the wider society.

The Fledgeling Music courses value and encourage each child’s creativity and ensure they share their ideas in the group. Children gain in confidence and feel pride in their own sense of self.

All of Fledgling Music’s groups are dynamic, energetic, and joyful – a unique experience that your child will love!

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